Les vignes de Cave Nérot

Our work

We practice our 5th generation winegrower. After taking over the family estate in 2011, Julie is now Nérot producer, garnering an area of ”‹”‹9 hectares of vineyards classified AOC Coteaux du Giennois. We work all year to produce the best wine and timing of interventions is loaded rhythm by the changing seasons dictate the work, here are the main steps :


After the dormancy of winter, hard work ahead : the size. You must select the holders wood buds that give grapes future. Several hundred shots shears and about three months of work will be necessary, for all time.


Spring comes and the morning sunrise can be seen in the dew buds as expected, but fragile and tender they risk damaging frost in the morning.


The end of May is the possible freezing disappear. The temperature rises and promotes the growth of new shoots earning several centimeters per day. But on the vine grow good and bad buds that must be eliminated, it is budding. This delicate task to lighten vegetation to promote better ventilation clusters to come.


In the heat, the vine grows very fast in June. The branches reach nearly a meter, it must quickly address them before bad weather that could break is the linking. This work involves stretching the son trellising to form a straight fence with vegetation. In this work we feel aolrs subtle perfumes and for the vine flower. Then comes the trimming branches that can contain sprout.


Mechanically it will then master weed and fungal diseases in the vineyard to maintain the best possible health status.


Summer and its heyday gradually bring the maturity clusters. Then begin towers plot to taste the berries, observe the suppleness of the skin. Berry samples are analyzed, allowing us to know the sugar and essential to fix the date of harvest acidity.


It is autumn, the time of the excitement at the winery. Everything must be ready for the arrival of the harvest. Hardware revision, tank cleaning , the press and vinery equipment we occupy the last days before the harvest.


Then one morning in September or October, in the mist, the harvest begins...